GIG Tickets question

    Planing on buying tickets, its sold out, so had a look on gumtree.
    Found 2, hovewer he say its printable ticket and he will email it to me when i pay ! is there such thing as printable tickets ???
    thank you


    Yes Ticketmaster do them for certain concerts

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    Yes Ticketmaster do them for certain concerts

    so i can just print them out and show at door, and be fine ? thx

    Yes I have attached some info in last post

    BEWARE! these can be printed multiple times-common scam on gumtree-you could go to the gig and find the barcode has already been used-dont advise buying these from someone you dont know.

    Security have hand scanners,they scan the printed barcode,but it only works once-technically someone could print the ticket a hundred times.The number of people I saw getting turned away from hard rock calling for this reason was incredible.

    Be careful gumtree has biggest scams going


    I wonder how many times the seller has sold that email

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    yeh thats what i was afraid of, oh well will have a look on ebay, pay a bit more but have proper tickets in hand !!!! thx everyone for help

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    heh found some online for face value nice
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