Posted 19 November 2023

Virgin fibre broadband Gig1 Volt speed boost +£2.84 a month* (£28.99+£2.85= £31.83) +£2.84 a month* +£2.84 a month* Account specific

Black Friday upgrade deal for additional +£2.84 a month* and also can get 1 free WIFI booster up to 3 if needed.

I am currently on M500 package paying £28.99 so with the £2.84 take me up to £31.83.

Hope this helps.

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  1. greencurry's avatar
    Hello everyone,

    Could someone clarify what "New 18 month contract" implies? Does it mean accepting this offer extends my current contract by 18 months from today, or does it retain my existing contract's termination date? TIA.
    aLV426's avatar
    I am fairly confident it means accepting this offer starts a fresh contract of 18 months.... That has been my experience in the past.
  2. ciggybumly's avatar
    i take it the new 18month contract will be subject to 2 rpi/cpi increases during the term?
    misa58's avatar
    Yes it will
  3. sydney871's avatar
    For me the upgrade costs £8.68 pm . I'll skip this...
  4. sydney871's avatar
    Presume you are talking about Virgin Media. How do you get this? Is it account specific?
    misa58's avatar
    Hey,yes it is,just ammended the title. It comes up on offer and upgrades,could be account specific
  5. McShane's avatar
    misa58's avatar
    Definitely! That's an excellent price if you can get that mate!
  6. aLV426's avatar
    Looks like I'm not getting the best deal....
    51494997-xtaAZ.jpg...and of course I don't see any offer to upgrade.

    Oh my bad - I am offered the upgrade, but at the £8.68 deal... Where am I going wrong?
    51494997-NmNOL.jpg (edited)
    misa58's avatar
    It's account specific unfortunately :/
    Not everyone getting the same deal
  7. moneybanks14's avatar
    Cheers for this.. currently paying £26 a month for 500mb volt now £31 for 1gig volt!

    New 18 month contract, jackpot. Increased the upload speed recently as well. (edited)
    aLV426's avatar
    FML - Do you get telephone & TV with that as well? I am so not getting the best deal...
  8. Uridium's avatar
    I'm getting this offer, not great, not terrible i guess

    I was paying £47pm for this package but my deal just ended and it's due to go up to £89pm from 1st December.
    I had already been down the cancel discussion and best i could get from retentions was £35pm for 1Gb BB only. They wouldn't play ball at all for a discount on a TV package that included TNT Sports (the only TV channel i really care about in order to watch MotoGP).

    Will have to sleep on this one as my plan was to move to BB only and get an IPTV sub for MotoGP.
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