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Found 25th Dec 2017
Hi everyone, I connect my router (EE Brightbox 2) to my pc via an Ethernet cable so I get the max download/upload fibre speeds.
I just checked my connection details and it shows as 100.0Mbps, I'm pretty sure when I've checked it before it had said 1Gbps.
I've checked the EE website to see if the Brightbox has Gigabit Ethernet, which it does and my PC has a Gigabit network adapter. I'd like to know why it shows as 100.0Mbps? Any Info why? Thanks
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Is your Ethernet cable gigabit compatible?

also it will auto negotiate, try and force it to 1gbps in your computers network config…PDF

3x 100mbit ports and the last port is Gigabit. Hope that helps
aww thanks for that, the Ethernet cable was in one of the 100mbit ports... didn't know there was only one Gigabit port. Changed it the Gigabit port and PC shows 1Gbps connection now. Thanks again!
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