Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce 6600GT

    Can anyone find a lower price than the following plz, going to buy today you see, trustworthy companies if possible:
    Dabs: £127 delivered with VIVO
    Fastek: £139 + p+p

    Danny =)


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    thanks, the microdirect one is pci express though

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    if £109.68 inc VAT is the cheapest for one with no vivo then i think i'll go for that

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    sorry, it's this one i want:
    GV N66T128VP
    the one with a passive cooler

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    i just bought it from the following place but didnt realise before paying that the company is called c*ck! can anyone say if this is a false company or not plz?! i may need to phone the bank asap…d=1

    I'm in the market for the same card at the moment, and the web site you mention seems to be the cheapest I can find. However, I'm a little dubious about going to a company call (ahem) 'cocc' :oops:. Any response/delivery from them yet?

    Incidentally, having read another of your threads, I'd suggest that the 6600GT is the smarter choice over the 6800le.

    Some of the earlier LEs were capable of great things, but the more recent ones are decidedly neutered :shock: .

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    yes, the company are fine, i rang tradig standards, they are part of computer orbit ltd which are a legit company, and yes they are the cheapest around =)

    Nice one - I'll get that order in then!

    (Just have to keep an eye on the bank statements - Hmm, £90 purchase from! :lol:)
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