gigaclear any good?

    I just had a letter put in my postbox saying Gigaclear are putting fibre in my road. Being 6 over 6km in a rural area from my exchange with not much chance of it being improved. I am assuming they are running it to the motorway services a few miles up the road as I am the last on the line at the moment. I will jump at the chance but just wondered if anyone has any experience with them?


    Been good for me, expensive but fast.
    I'm on the basic package and get 51mb upload and 52mb download, but costs £39.90 a month.
    They did have some teething troubles when it was first active i.e. it was down for maintenance a fair number of times (always told by text at least a few days in advance). After that i've been with them for about a year and only had 1 major outage when some equipment in their data centre went down, internet was off for a day and a bit.

    It is a no brainer if the other options around you are poor speeds, my only other option was about 3mb copper, so no choice.

    Should also add the customer service they have it top notch, had one issue where i don't think my internet was plugged in correctly to the house on the 1st day of it being live and they came out with in an hour to fix it
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    Also the company they partner with called Vonage offer phoneline deals(phone over the internet effectively), where you don't need a BT line so don't need to pay line rental charges.. I pay £11 a month with them for unlimited calls to uk numbers, but not mobiles.. So the no line rental charge does offset the more expensive cost of the internet partly

    These guys have been putting in FTTP near to where I work. I hear nothing but praise for them.
    I registered my interest for home as its remote with a 1mb download speed at best, but so far they aren't doing any work in Wilts.
    Hope they do though, as BT/Openreach don't give a f*** about us and I would happily pay Gigaclear for their 1Gb service.
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