Giganews are now running 50 connections

    As above.
    Extra 1.5mb of speed , happy days.


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    Hi esq3585 - any suggestions for someone new to Usenet? Not signed up to anyone yet and just looking for guidance!

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    Always used giganews and newsbinpro(the version designed for giganews)

    Handy sites are [url][/url] , [url][/url] and [url][/url]

    Connection always stable. :thumbsup:
    Speed totally maxed out at 9mb constant

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    Although Astraweb is a lot cheaper but have never used it so cannot comment.

    Cheer fella, rep given.

    I use astraweb, the 'pay as you go' option and is great, my speed isn't maxed out, but regularly at 600kbs, with a very well seeded file on a private tracker, with torrents, i was able to get up to 800kbs, but that was rare
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