Gillette blade alternative?

Anybody knows a better shaving blade than Gillette?
It only gives me a one good week of shave.


I found that too and it was costly but there is a technique you can use to make them last longer -…tml.
Although I now have the proglide power razor and the blurb says that it lasts longer and it is true - i got mine when they came out and have just changed the blade - a month's worth of usage. In my opinion an excellent shave too.
Downside £3.33 per blade / fusion £2.50.
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Thanks pal with try that

Grow a beard....


i have to shave every 2-3 days max as it starts looking untidy but i recommend the pro glide too dont bother with the battery one as it doesnt make a difference.

used mine twice so far and cutting well compared to my old mach3

Learn to shave with a DE razor.
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