Gillette Razor Blades

    Anyone know any places to get decent deals on Gillette M3 Power blades?

    I know boots has the 10% on but anyone know any sites offering decent long term prices??


    eBay is usually cheapest.

    Yeppo jase.2. My b/f usually goes bulk buy on [color=blue]eBay[/color] as well. :P

    but be careful with ebay. Recently I bought a bulk 40-pack and they are of terrible quality - not sharp at all, break easily - shaving is not a pleasant experience anymore. I think I'll avoid ebay next time.

    Having said that, before this unsuccessful purchase I was usually quite happy with the blades/razors purchased on eBay before.

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    Emma / Kemot

    Thanks for the info , are there any ebay sellers of gillette blades that you would recommend as them supplying original gillette blades rather than the ouch ouch ouch cut yourself to bits ones lol

    I bought some from a car boot and they are rubbish, go blunt very quickly and don't work very well when brand new.

    I'm sure a lot of these must be counterfeit or graded blades that come out of the factory back door.

    But has anyone noticed, the 2 free blades that come with a new razor are always the best?


    ive been in contact with some of the ebay sellers. the nicer ones have hinted that the blades are knock offs not the real deal and you should expect that for the price (fair enough really!).
    I thought why bother paying over the odds for what is really a poorer version of supermarket own brand. Either buy the expensive gillette ones (i did) or the cheap own brand ones.
    Seems a little pointless paying the price of one and getting the quality of the other!



    But has anyone noticed, the 2 free blades that come with a new razor are … But has anyone noticed, the 2 free blades that come with a new razor are always the best?

    Yep and there's a simple answer. To promote the product. If they put poor quality blades on the free issue's, people will think twice about changing from their standard. Put quality blades on and they are more likely to change.

    Same goes with aftershave. When trying on a tester, they are usually stronger and the fragerance lasts longer, so you are more likely to buy it. If the smell didn't last, you would think twice about purchasing the product. Hope this helps.
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