Ginger shots??!

Posted 11th May
So I’m looking to buy some ginger shots. ginger is amazing and thought these shots would be helpful for the immune system.
I don’t know which brand to get.. does it really matter for as long as they’re 100% compressed ginger?
I came across and some other ones on amazon. Anyone brought any before?
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Why not just get fresh ginger and make drink out of it or even boil it to make tea?
Make your own and save a ton of money...

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Candystore11/05/2020 12:11

Make your own and save a ton of money...[Video]

To save people a lot of time, juice half an apple with around an inch chunk of ginger and drink. How did he flesh that out to 4 mins 28? Haha.

But yeah, why would people buy these pre made?
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