Girl made up to look like Angela Jolie…vsr

    thought i would share this, i thought it was pretty crazy,amazing what you can do with a bit of make up


    Looks nothing like her imo, well, maybe the eyes a bit at a push.
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    i think she looks like like her quite a bit, but the fact that she is asian and she does look english i think shes done a great job

    Maybe an essex wetherspoons version of her

    Surely you'd be slightly disappointed if you woke up next to her after her make-up had rubbed off.

    I just tried this it definitely works
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    i'm scurred!


    if u check her other vids its pretty impressive the stuff she does

    magicbeans impressive!

    thats kinda the vid this thread is based on loool

    This is why Makeup should be banned, deceiving the Male population I tell ya'

    4:44 its pretty darn close to AJ

    she looks like a ladyboy to me

    I tried it but now i look like a ladyboy sumo, i want a refund.
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