Girlfriend looking for a laptop to play Sims 4 and for watching movies/TV shows

Posted 23rd Dec 2022
Hi all!

My girlfriend and I are going to pcworld/curries later to look for laptops. She just needs a laptop that will play Sims 4 and to watch movies/TV shows. Any recommendations please? Thank you.
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    I think she's trying to tell you something.
    Wake up and smell the pheromones
    Na lol. She's a virgin, very ticklish down there and is a bit scared to have sex. Think she also has an OCD problem cos she washes her hands a lot and has this contamination fear.
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    We're going for some curries later as well
  3. Avatar…vuk For £349.98.

    Currys is overpriced, terrible to deal with if something goes wrong, and has very limited choice. The one linked above is a good budget option.

    If you want to spend less, the sales will be starting soon, or you could get a cheaper model with 4GB RAM And upgrade it to 8GB Yourself if you are comfortable with opening the bottom of the laptop and doing this.

    (For example eBay item number 225124420792 for £249.99 Brand new from HP and then another stick of RAM for a minimal amount of money, CeX Sell for £10 or less)
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    Thanks everyone but turned out I shouldn't of bothered. Shee broke up with me on Christmas Eve.
    Are you serious?!

    Aww man. Sorry to hear that
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