Girlfriend want to use her Alexa/Echo to control our Philips Hue?

Posted 9th May 2021
I finally got around to buying a bridge and I now have about 8 lights in the house.

I have an Alexa downstairs and it contols the house, and I will be putting a Dot in my bedroom to control my bedroom.

The problem is, that my girlfriend has her own Alexa and she want to control the lights in the house.

Say if she is in bed and wants to go downstairs and needs to turn the lights on, she cant do it on her own alexa.

Is there a way of linking up my Hue and Alexa so she can control it?

We have tried installing Hue on her phone and she can see all the lights and control them, but for some reason Alexa wont see the lights on her account.

Surley she does not need to use my password amazon details on her Alexa, she would lose all her stuff.

Thanks for the help

ps. I am the admin for the hue, so its set up on my phone and alexa account.
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