girlfriends birthday (24) any ideas?

    Any decent ideas people? Any suggestions welcome, especially girls - if someone has done something nice for you that i might be able to copy!



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    umm i think i'll try to stay somewhere between £20 and £200 but you cant put a price on love! :P

    DNKY Bag? Girls luuurve bags.

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    indeed you are correct, i been looking at guess bags....

    but i think i'd rather go to dublin for the weekend :thumbsup:

    Depends on her likes and personality me thinks. If she's sentimental and a girly, erm, girl why not Paris? Fantastic place, as is Rome. Then again, as is Dublin :thumbsup:

    Big bunch of roses is cliche, but always a great present. Jewelry wise you can always go for the birthstone and be deep/sentimental/possibly laughed at or just find the prettiest thing possible. I never buy clothes or shoes as a) don't know her size and b) probably won't like/wear what I buy. When in doubt, clothing shop vouchers for the one she likes best.

    God knows if I'm spouting crap or being helpful - I'm using the late/tired get out of jail free card :whistling:

    Im 24, love perfume, make up, straighteners, chocolate, vouchers same old stuff!
    Tiffany jewellery

    have a look [url][/url] some nice things

    my best present ever was a lovely handbag and in each pocket/compartment he had wrapped up and put more prezzies - i hd two pairs of earrings, matching bracelet, something a bit naughty (think ann summers), perfume and a nice top - it was sooo nice to unwrap it and say thank you then he says'no thats not it, look in the pocket' so then i say thanks again and he says 'no thats not all, take another look' and so on...really good surprise, blokes had always been rubbish at gifts before him - and oddly this is the chap i am still with....says it all really!:-D

    Chocolate Body Paint.......


    tiffanys, x

    yeah ! ditch her & get a younger model :whistling:
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