Girls 4th birthday, (Best paw patrol presents? Kinetic or Cra-Z sand? + others) Ideas please :)

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Found 14th Aug 2016

Looking for birthday presents for (soon to be) 4 year old girl.

She loves paw patrol, so any advice if possible on what the best paw patrol gifts are would be great, if any of you have had any experience with them.

Also, in argos, they have kinetic sand, and cra-z sand (might be other types elsewhere?). Whats the best out of these two types? Anyone tried them both?

Thanks in advance, any ideas welcome on things to buy!


the paw patroller rocks. that sand stuff is a bit of a pain in the h0le. similar waste of time levels as play-doh. the ad makes them all look reality its just a mess

What about sylvanian families? I know it's expensive but I keep seeing it cheap second hand.

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Paw patroller looks good, didn't know they had that for all the individual figures I'll look more into that sylvanian familes, not seen them before.


The only toys my just turned 5 year old has ever really played with for longer than two minutes are the Sylvanian Families, Playdoh, Melissa and Dough dress up magnetic sets and baby dolls. Anything else has been left after a short while never to be played with again! We have had both of the sands and i'm not a fan of them. My daughter made a huge mess then left it after a few minutes. I wouldn't have bothered but they were both a gift. The magnetic sand took less time to clear up though.

Predictive text! Thats meant to say Melissa and Doug.
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