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    I am looking for the best place to get a girls 20" bike at the moment. Someone had suggested Woolworths and they had a great bike reduced to £63.99, but of course its out of stock. Anyone know of anywhere else where I could pick one up for less than £80?




    hi joanne, we bought our daughter the 20in sugar babe bike (lilac and pink)reduced to just 49.99 at toysrus, 5.00 delivery charge and it's in stock!! hope this helps

    20in sugar babe bike

    yeh I was looking for bikes today aswell (need 3) Toys r us seem the best place, boots have some on 3 for 2 offer,

    Those Toys R Us prices are certainly the best. For some reason TRU doesn't come up in any of the search engines:?:

    Welcome you to the forum joanneb.:)

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    Thanks E1. Will take a look at those.

    Could someone explain to me what a quidco is please?



    Welcome you to the forum joanneb.

    Ooooo sorry, yes welcome aboard, never even noticed you were a newbie:oops:


    sign up and then everytime you want to order anything from the net, go to quidco sign in and see if there is any cashback for the site you are buying from, if there is click the link that is on screen, basicaly it is money back for nothing, £5 yearly charge that only comes off if you have enough cash back in your account.
    Its free to join
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