Girls......10 Signals That'll stop You Getting A Date - true or false ???

    Found this on MSN, what do you girlies think ???

    Take two identically beautiful women with identically pert bottoms and identically decent jobs. What makes one of them a man magnet and the other a reluctant singleton?

    Its all about little signs that you send out without even realising it. If you want to end your man-drought, here are the signals you need to switch off.

    Signal 1: Keep out
    Everyones scared of rejection, but the answer is not to armour-plate your self-esteem with a barrier that says, dont even think about it. Some rejection-phobes kid themselves that theyre playing hard to get, but thats a fools game. Treating em mean just makes em go and find someone else to chat up.

    The way to a mans heart is through his ego. Show him attention, be interested, make the first move. Youre far more likely to end up going out with him than if youd hung back. If he rejects you, you can stop wasting your time and move onto someone more receptive.

    Signal 2: Love me love me love meee!
    Women who are desperate to be loved send men running, far and fast.

    Even if a guy fancies you, you scare him off by being too affectionate too quickly. He senses that youll suffocate him, and that when he dumps you youll come round and cut up all his shirts.

    Switch the sexes in the previous paragraph and youll see what we mean. A man who says I love you on a first date is not exactly a challenge. Plus, its icky.

    Signal 3: Im rubbish
    Stop putting yourself down. Firstly, because self-pity is not a good look, and secondly, because men believe you when you say stuff like that.

    A few dazzling witty people can make self-deprecation work, but most of us cant. Your best bet is to avoid it altogether at the flirting stage. Whether its an online dating profile, email, phone call or date, bite your tongue when your throat itches with Im no good at

    Signal 4: I love myself more than Ill ever love you
    Confidence wins dates, but arrogance does not. Every mans ego wants a girl he can show off to his friends, but no man wants a girlfriend who cant pass a mirror without licking it.

    To wind a man round your little finger, make him feel great about himself. Positively encourage him to brag. Hell soon be back for more of your intoxicating, flattering company.

    To wind a man up, boast to him about your amazing promotion and/or travel experiences and/or triathlon time and/or talent for reading Chinese manuscript whilst in an elaborate yoga position*. Hell feel lame by comparison, and hell think youre a bore.
    (* Scratch that. Hed definitely want to hear about the yoga thing.)

    Signal 5: Im not listening to you
    Theres only one thing that winds men up more than girls who brag, and thats girls who talk all over them and never listen to a word they say.

    To get off the singles bench, make an extra effort to remember mens names and the little anecdotes they tell in a bid to seem cool. Switch off your mobile, listen and memorise. Make him feel important.

    Signal 6: If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends
    Dogs hunt in packs, and cats hunt alone. Its the cats who get the cream of the men. (Besides, do you want anyone thinking of you as a dog?)

    Wed bet our January Sales shopping fund that Posh Spice did not pull Goldenballs by demanding that he get with my friends. If you always socialise with a gang of female friends, youre holding an inadvertent keep out sign and no man would risk being rejected in front of your mates.

    You may find it terrifying to go to a party alone and mingle like an independent butterfly. But thats how you get dates.

    Signal 7: Im a tightwad
    Dont let him think that youve padlocked your purse. Its downright rude.

    Back in the 1950s, it was fairly normal for a girl to expect her date to pay for everything. It was good training for being his housekeeper-come-freeloader. But as the Noughties shut up shop, its the generous, independent girl who gets the dates.

    Whether youre chatting in the pub, out with mutual friends or meeting for a date, offer to pay for stuff. If he says no, wait until he nips to the loo and buy him a fresh pint. Youll gain points.

    Signal 8: Fancy a feel?
    Body confidence in a woman is a rare and fabulous thing, but if you show too much flesh you risk looking desperate for a shag, a boyfriend or a nice warm cardie.

    Skimpy garb is also subject to a whopping double standard: men ogle (and have sex with) flesh-flashing women, but they wont date them.

    The answer is to show off your body with clothes that reveal by stealth. Fabric that drapes in all the right places, tops that show off a toned back or elegant collarbone. A perfectly-fitting T-shirt can be incredibly sexy.

    Carry yourself with confidence, and let mens imaginations do the rest.

    Signal 9: I hate my body
    Your body will not stop him falling for you, but your body-hatred will.

    If you moan about how fat you are, or you habitually hide your body with your posture or clothes, youre saying: Go away, and/or I only ever do it with the lights out.

    Heres the thing. A man will fall for you for neck-up reasons. Unless your neck-down bit is grossly overweight (and thats often irrelevant too), hell want to get naked with you as often as possible, lightbulbs ablaze.

    Signal 10: Im not over him
    Jennifer Aniston admits that shes kept all her voicemails from ex-husband Brad Pitt. Shes allowed to, because shes Jennifer Aniston. But any other woman doing that kind of thing is sending out one of the most man-repelling signals of all.

    If a man gets a sniff of baggage from you, he wont want to get involved. Even a passing mention of your ex suggests that you havent moved on, and it reminds your potential loverboy that hes not the first. Yes he can see that you left school a decade ago, but he still wants to think hes the first. Bless im.


    [ ] I read all of the OP.
    [x] I read the first one and then got bored.


    [ ] I read all of the OP.[x] I read the first one and then got bored.



    [ ] I read all of the OP.[x] I read the first one and then got bored.


    Body confidence in a woman is a rare and fabulous thing, but if you show … Body confidence in a woman is a rare and fabulous thing, but if you show too much flesh you risk looking desperate for a ****, a boyfriend or a nice warm cardie.

    OP has just stepped out of the 1950's i think. :? to ignore this thread. lol


    Indeed my hubby likes it when I look desperate:w00t:

    :w00t:'s easier that way. :-D


    be filthy, men love that!

    Trickyjabs;7639951 filthy, men love that!

    someone call :-D
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