girly pamper party.

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Found 8th Feb 2009
anyone know when I can get some cheap/ nail varnish/ makeup/ perfume/ creams etc

looking to do a pamper party for my 11 year old daughter and her friends (8 of them)

need to get some supplies but they cost a fortune and soon mount up.

any help appreciated.

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Home bargains are usually good for that sort of stuff if you have one nearby xx

Fragrance Direct are good.

For example:

Nail Varnish by Bourjois £0.99 each fragrancedirect.co.uk/Bou…029

Lipstick by L'Oreal £1.50 each fragrancedirect.co.uk/LOr…997

Eyeshadow by W7 £0.99 each fragrancedirect.co.uk/W7/…232

Waterproof mascara by Leichner £1.50 each fragrancedirect.co.uk/Lei…733

Mousse foundation by W7 £1.99 each fragrancedirect.co.uk/W7/…228

Or a simple yet reasonably comprehensive set for £3.99 fragrancedirect.co.uk/Bod…869

Fragrance: Calvin Klein Obsession Night 7ml edp for £1.50 fragrancedirect.co.uk/Cal…910

Lentheric Pagan 12ml edt spray for £1.99 (unboxed but I don't suppose that matters) fragrancedirect.co.uk/Len…972

Vanderbilt 9ml edt spray for £1.99 fragrancedirect.co.uk/Van…396

Just an example; there's plenty more on there, sets, blush stuff and the like.

have a look in a pound or 99p shop they do quite a few nail varnishes 2 pkt they also do nail jewels girls which love
they also do bits of make up
why not ask friends and relatives if they have any that they dont use many of us buy makeup and nail polish then deceide they are wrong for us then just leave them in draws

how about some homemade face packs here is one site but there is loads out there
they can have fun making it then using it i know a bit messy but what fun

Might want to have a look in a local Superdrug if you have one. They still have a few shelves of Christmas stuff heavily reduced here, which from what I can remember inlcuded plenty of girly things :thumbsup:

EDIT: Just remembered there were boxes of things for 10p, not sure exactly what was in them though.

could you ask the mums for some of their old colours. i know i have loads of bottles of varnish etc.

Sainsburys (chester, at least) are having a clearance on party stuff - includes multi-packs of lip gloss, nail varnish etc that you can split so each girl gets one that they can even take home.

I didn't pay too much attention to the price, but was something like £1.20 for a pack of 6 lip glosses....

Might be worth checking a Sainsburys near you, if you have one?

Original Poster

wow thanks everyone, will be checking all these out.

Should of bought in the boots sale...............remember for next year.
May get lucky in superdrug they've sold loads of good stuff off for 10-49p last few weeks


what about wilkinsons things like that are quite good in there..i got all my stocking fillers in there.. creams smellies....apperently superdrugs is good for little bargains....£1 shops are usually quite good...i have sensitive skin so i have to be careful but can get some nice stuf there....good luck .:)
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