Give hospital car parking charges the boot!

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Found 24th Sep 2010
The government has revealed they won’t be providing further help to cancer patients who pay to park at hospital during treatment in England.

They want individual hospital trusts to devise their own car parking policies.

But we want to see better guidance at a national level to support hospitals and create a stress-free parking experience for patients.

Almost 8,000 people have backed our campaign to stop this unfair tax on illness.

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Original Poster Banned….do?

won't happen unfortunantely the local councils are more to blame than the hospital trusts for devising 'green policies' which the hospitals have to adhere which includes stringent parking rules


I don't mind paying for parking in hospitals....still works out much cheaper than private health care.
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No. The NHS needs as much money as it can get and this is one of the few sources of income based on actual use of the NHS.

It's not nice, but that's life. Quit whining, use public transport, walk or just shut up and deal with it.


I don't mind paying for parking in hospitals....still works out much … I don't mind paying for parking in hospitals....still works out much cheaper than private health care.

yeah, plus it does tend to stop idiots from using the hospitals as a cheap pay and ride.

park in the local currys carpark, it's not like we'll be shopping there.

Many of the older hospitals are near city centres - all that would happen is shoppers would park there for free instead of paying in the council car parks. Patients wouldn't be able to park and neither would their visitors.

I don't think it should be free i think it just needs to be managed better so the price we pay is warranted, priority to patients not visitors etc i spend a fortune every month and hours trying to get parked at the hospital if it was free i wouldn't have a hope of getting in. This campaign is a little unfair Cancer is very serious and sufferers deserve all the help they can get but there are many other illnesses out there that deserve the same rights

My GP has free parking near the town centre and it is practicallty impossible to find a space there as
the local Polish population have discovered it and it is full all the time,

Got no parking around the hospital i go to, they demolished the multistory car park that was there, dont know if they are going to build another.

But we do have a Park and Ride that has a Free Medi-link bus which goes to the hospital every 10mins.


My hospital has charged everyone bar those in with Children on the kids ward for years. And there is no plans to change that here.
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