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Found 15th Nov 2008
Took new Call of Duty down £2

Not much but done it with gears, fallout, far cry

I preorder and we're the customers who get it the worst from them

No wonder they made 200mill last yr, horrible company now


got cod2 from lovefilm, gonna complete it this weekend, graphics look shocking compared to cod4 lool

game sucks for shoo

how about shopto then - doing exactly the same. most decent games are 36/37.99 nowadays at release.then 32.99 after a weeks release. That happened to FIFA,PES, on and so on

maybe they're doing you a favour, lol:thumbsup:

You may be surprised to hear but retailers don't dictate the prices on games but suppliers do, as they know consumers are desperate to get hold of these big titles and charge retailers a higher price for release date.

Some retailers do reduce the price shortly after release depending on sales of their allocation, as this could happen for a number of reasons including lack of sales expectations, better price being offered by competitors, better price offered by suppliers for next batch or even poor reviews (that's the reason why PES is getting much cheaper) etc

You'd probably have got a higher trade in/exchange value at HMV for them. I liked COD2, got the 1000 pointer for it on 360. I'll skip past COD3 and straight on to COD4...never looked back, enuf game playin COD5....mixed reaction but still impressive.

Far Cry and Gears were great games to play...classics IMO that should be in everyones collection. But to get a decent trade in value I'd try HMV in the future if I were you.
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