giveaway for christmas

    i got a promo copy of rainbow 6 for the ps3 to give away ill pick somebody at random, one entry per person please, be fair.

    will close wednesday midnight

    just the disc in a sleve as well post to be entered


    Wow, that's incredibly generous

    Thanx :-D nice of you

    love it when people show their generosity

    I can (u)sniff a good post here......

    people really are desperate for them badges!

    Original Poster Banned


    people really are desperate for them badges!

    Is that an entry

    ta, count me in!

    seems good, do let me know if you need any help picking a winner

    Count me in

    Oooh, yes please


    Is that an entry

    No, sorry.

    Haven't got a PS3.
    Would be an entry if it was 360 ;p

    Count me in please

    Thts very generous (don't count me in 360 only here lol

    oo yes please

    this would make a great xmas pressie for my boy, please enter me thanks

    add me to the bandwagon... would love this again.. sold my first copy when i bought vegas2 and i hated vegas2

    Add me to the growing list as well plz

    i dont have a ps3

    Yes mate,

    Count me in please

    Thanks, count me in! Please.

    I'm in!

    wonder if anyone did win the other MW2 giveaway last week

    why not

    count me in thanks

    I'd love this game please
    Very generous op

    count me in please

    Yes Please..

    Ooo yes please

    in 4the win.

    Yes please!!! COYB

    Thankyou im in!

    got to be in to win! thanks x

    Please count Lil Me In....Thankyou xxx

    yes plz

    count me in please, thanks

    Count me in too please

    Original Poster Banned

    last few hours if anybody else want in

    cheers, me please

    Me Pwease!!! ty
    Edited by: "JaYy_dOg" 27th Oct 2010

    Original Poster Banned

    last hour
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