Giveaway - Gears of War for the Xbox 360 - and the winner is - Intenso

    I tried to sell this with no luck, I don't have a 360 and can't be asked trading it in so one of you can have it.

    Everyone who met the criteria that asked has now been included, your numbers are in post 7. That is the full and final list i.e .NO more entries please

    Good luck, can the winner PM me their address tonight or tomorrow and i'll get it posted out on Monday hopefully. Failing that it will be Tuesday


    Count me in please

    ill enter :-)


    count me out

    count me in pls- my hubby has an xbox 360 :thumbsup:

    me 2 plz

    Original Poster

    I'm going to use this post to keep track of the entrants and their numbers

    1 - ]kx12
    2 - ]intenso100
    3 - ]lyndsbowes
    4 - ]deathtrap3000
    5 - ]Reaney24
    6 - ]stuntman9883
    7 - ]black gerbil1
    8 - ]MarzBarz
    9 - ]Femstar
    10 -] stratomaster
    11 - ]Nitro111
    12 - ]ttsese
    13 - ]Leer
    14 - ]scotland88
    15 - ]andy108uk
    16 - ]n1ck09
    17 - ]mono2k6
    18 - ]ants97
    19 - ]Artonox
    20 - ]robtallica
    21 - ]AugQX
    22 - ]t0mm
    23 - ]matt3454
    24 - ]jojothefirst
    25 - ]PasPer2
    26 - ]collo
    27 - ]SteJosh
    28 - ]tazandsaz
    29 - ]realfriendlyman
    30 - ]Tatey
    31 - ]Mike Ashley
    32 - ]jayhab
    33 - ]king1gazza
    34 - ]strike
    35 - ]ANDYWOODY01
    36 - ]mum2b
    37 - ]airey
    38 - ]geoneo123
    39 - ]miffyl
    40 - ]donnydude
    41 - ]allstar2
    42 - ]Sassies Nephew
    43 - ]Abvance
    44 - ]jackthelad
    45 - ]TanyaSpace
    46 - ]Cluffy321
    47 - ]Disco
    48 -] bitseylango
    49 - ]J9STL

    That's the full list now i've not included anyone who has

    Enter me to the draw please

    count me in

    in 4 the gang bang

    Nice one OP.

    lol - good luck all. Unfortunately I've not quite made 250 posts yet so can't qualify

    Add me in please, i havent played gears of wars need to know what the hype is about lol

    Count me in please

    proper generous bloke, (sorry been watching al murray)

    I would love to be counted in please


    Nice one - good luck all. Unfortunately I've not quite made 250 … Nice one - good luck all. Unfortunately I've not quite made 250 posts yet so can't qualify

    I'l enter on behalf of of the above & no we don't want to win! Thanks OP!


    Me Please!!!!xxx

    count me in pls

    Please include me

    Count me in. Fingers crossed

    That is very generous of you... I already have a copy but gl

    I'd like to be included too please


    dont count me in, but very generous of you x

    very good of you count me in please

    count me in

    Original Poster

    The list has been updated in post 7

    Anymore for anymore?

    yeah nice one count me in.

    count me in.

    Count me in RI :thumbsup:

    yes peas, !

    me please?!

    i think i will put my name in as i already have it myself and will sell it on like everyone else in this thread i bet.

    shorly it would have been easyer 2 have sold it cheap than 2 have typed all that lol! Count me in tho!

    Count me in if space left

    me to please rep added:thumbsup:

    Count me in please. Mines copys not working as it should (play it too much lol)

    I already have gears thanks

    me if im in time lol

    My bro accidentally broke mine, so I wouldn't mind playing it again at least until Gears of War 2 is released.

    Thanks mate. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    List updated again in post 7 anymore?

    Me please
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