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Giveaway! Win Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Xbox One

Posted 21st Apr
I have a digital version of Battlefield V Deluxe to giveaway and a runner-up will get a code for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 1943

To enter leave a comment and I will draw 2 winners on Friday 26/4/19
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Congrats @eayragt you won Battlefield V Deluxe
Congrats@agentjont you won Battlefield 1 & Battlefield 1943

I will DM the codes shortly.
In it to win it. Thank you op and Happy Easter
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That’s lovely thanks for running this.

I’d like to enter please
Very generous 1day
10/10 giveaway
Consider me entered
Count me in
Very very generous of you. You deserve something in return
If only there were more people like you in this world. 😃 You must feel so good about yourself. You deserve to.
I'm in.....Happy Easter!
Nice of you to do man, entering
Thanks OP, don't have Battlefield games so would be great to try them!
Very generous. Thanks OP.
I’m in , generous OP
Consider me enteted
Yes please
would love a copy of battlefield v! peace and love!
Count me in please, I’ve already got a copy but my best friend is desperate for one! Thanks for the generosity. Good luck to everyone.
Count me in. Very generous OP
I’ll throw my hat into the ring, why not.

V sporting of you, @1day

Battlefield V please.
Yes please!
In it to win it;) cheers!
Entering. Very generous!
Count me in
I'd like to enter the contest. Thanks very much
That is very kind of you. I am in for the giveaway. Take care my friend.
as i dont have an xbox, dont pick me
Would be a good addition to my xbox account only made for cheap game pass deals (like the 3 months for £1 deal currently available, and Microsoft Bing Rewards Game Pass months)
Here's hoping.. Happy Easter One and All Too..
Very generous OP.
(Please don't include me in the draw btw).
Great gesture! Please count me in! Happy Easter..
Yes please. Very kind of you.
Very generous, OP. Count me in please.
In like Flynn
Oowweeee yes please!
Hope in humanity isn’t lost just yet!

-insert tragic sob story here-
Please include me. So very kind of you to be doing this giveaway
My hamster just died* and I’ve found out that my mother is my brothers son*, this would really help me to face life again

* my hamster did die back in 1983, the other is a lie, but hey, it works on Xfactor and I’d love a freebie game
Very generous.... If only humanity had your spirit. I'd like to be included in your prize draw.
yes please, thank you very much!
Nice gesture...in it to win it. Thanks op
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