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Found 14th Dec 2010
I've sent a message to HUKD about this but not had a response, so I'm hoping someone can shed light.

I own a book review blog (not commercial, no financial gain). I host regular giveaways, and would like to post these on the competition forum, as some of them are UK only ones and I want to encourage more entrants.

I have a tab on my blog for seperate services that I do charge for, and viewers would only see that info if they clicked on it.

So - my question is - is it ok to post my giveaways on the competitions board (or the freebies board) - if so which one??

I've not given my link here, and it's not in my profile here either, as I won't do that until it's been ok'd officially, as I don't want to self promote. I wanted to ask the question so I knew either way

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posted in the wrong place.
no self promotion
its self promo whether you charge for anything or not-you cant promote your own website/blog-simple as that.
We do not allow self promotion.
"We request that businesses and anyone involved or connected to them in any way, including marketing agents for example, submit their specific deals using the 'Contact Us link' at the bottom of the forum."
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