Given false info when cancelling setanta, does that mean my contract should be void from now?


    Rang Setanta to cancel and was given a card no and a customer number and told to enter them into the website to cancel, this apparantly is untrue as I rang again to find out where I did this and was told I could only cancel by sending an email or through the post and would have to wait 30 days from the time they read my request for my contract to expire.
    With being given false info do you think it is worth pushing them to cancel my contract as they have breached the terms by providing me with false info?


    This isn't america you know, we don't start proceedings against every little thing.

    you'd be quicker cancelling your bank account that your payment to them comes from. We tried to cancel ours months ago, and they were less than helpful. Saying we owed them money (which we didnt), so they couldn't cancel our subscription until all the fees had been paid in full. We just cancelled the credit card that the money was coming from, and they didnt get in touch again after that.

    They also charged us for 3 days at the start of the contract, then charged us for the next full month.... what kind of company charges you a months fees for only 3 days of connection!?!

    You can cancel online ]here by the way (from other Setanta thread)





    You can cancel online ]here by the way (from other Setanta thread)

    wahey! another voice of reason in a sea of utter rubbish! Hello old chap!


    No they probably just passed it onto a debt collector :roll:Not the best … No they probably just passed it onto a debt collector :roll:Not the best advice, to cut and run without the proper procedure, as they can just keep billing you.

    We followed proper procedure and told them we wanted to cancel and why. Doubt they've passed it onto a debt collector when they were wrong in the first place. I'm not saying dont follow proper procedure anyways... just that it avoids any further payments being taken from the account, while setanta a*se about for 30 days to cancel the account, then for some reason dont and take more payments... whilst in the meantime the company goes under and you dont get the money back they owe you...

    In uk law it is required that any accusation be confirmed with evidence so can you actually produce evidence to confirm they gave you false info.
    Write a cancellation letter send it recorded delivery, job done.
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