giving a card with 23 netto dog stickers ,away to whoever wants it

    need 17 to complete the card if any one has any spare i would be very grateful cheers

    cannot get any more so someone can have these merry xmas ,best wishes
    - missismop


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    any one ,,ours have stopped selling them ,

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    no one then

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    bump freebies any one

    ive got 3 tokens to add

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    thx ,but giving mine away now as can not get enought before the offer runs out ,just waiting for some one to say they want them ,thx anyway

    well if we add your 17 to my 3 thats 20 so if anyone has 20 thats enough for a dog, anyone still collecting?

    I am would be grateful for these pls pm me

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    I am would be grateful for these pls pm me

    hi will send on friday ,:-D all the best happy new year:santa:


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