Giving up on the TZ3, want a Canon again, but which should I go for? Please help-

    Need some advice from the camera techs on here: A lotta rep on offer..


    Havent ever considered the powershots, wouldnt know what the difference was.. only ever used ixus with its nbl type battery (Im not shouting, just emphasising) theres the 850,860, 950,960 IS..aaarggghh! help!

    Good ISO (to take quick shots)
    Good results indoors (outdoors is always great pics)
    Small enough to fit comfortably in pocket
    Could do with a viewfinder to elongate battery life (not essential)
    Ok-ish zoom
    Not bothered with wide angles or much else - etc
    Just want to take 4x6 or max 5x7 pics so a massive no. of mega pixels isnt a necessity

    The blurb:
    Help Needed: Really wanna go back to an Canon Ixus BUT Money not too much of an issue- Ill wait for a good deal to come up anyway(!)

    The situation:
    I deferred from my much loved ixus v3 and switched to a Panasonic model with ref. to my last purchase. Ended up shelling out on a Lumix DMC-TZ3 cos of its mega zoom etc and its lovely 3 screen, but find I dont use it to its full potential, and the battery doesnt last as long as the ixuss. Plus its quite fiddly with all the options and settings to choose from, I think I preferred the simpler types(!) Reason I got this was to take pics of the kids running about etc without the risk of getting fuzzy photos, so the ISO is great.. but its a bit big to fit into the pocket and just take out and shoot for a quick snap.. wanna sell it on..still havent got used to it after a year on

    The Ixus v3 wasnt giving as good a result when it came to taking pics of moving images- kids running about etc- other than that, its fab

    N:B I also have the old skool Nikon 5700 so I already have a good zoom available should I need it (gives great results despite age! Old ones still going strong)

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