Giving Xmas Presents: To Others?

    Have you ever given a present to someeone else that you have received and either never like it, or never had the time to go and get one?


    yep, waste not and all that

    yep every year if i aint gonna use it may as well recycle it

    i like to recycle

    I pass them on for peoples bday pressies! LOL

    I sometimes check presents from **** gift givers before christmas and regive the same Christmas, done it twice already this year! lol I think it's good green recycling practise!!

    I bought my Dad a casual shirt one year & he opened it & told me point blank 'I dont like it' - thanks Dad!

    lol, think everyone does this.....will be inspecting my xmas presents in detail from now on ;-)

    My mum is the worlds worse for doing this... until few yrs ago she gave me a handbag for my birthday which my older sister had given to her for mothersday the prev yr!
    You should have seen my sisters face when i sit there opening the handbag!! Classic

    i know someone who also re uses the wrapping paper!!!
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