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    I know I know I can google for this information and I have but I just wondered if anyone knew of a nice yet bargain bucket of a hotel in the city centre ? Figured I would ask as it's quite possible there's a little gem of a hotel hiding somewhere

    I've had a look at flights also for first week in Feb, prices are ok but is anyone aware of any flight promotions coming up soon? Like the ryanair 1p flights or Any easyjet codes

    Thanks in advance, I'll go back to google now to see what else i can find



    Not sure what you mean by budget but these apartments are great…ts/
    Its a block of new luxury apartments which have been bought over and turned into an apart-hotel. About the same price as a decent hotel. The apartments are only 2 or 3 minutes walk away from the main city centre shop/pubs/restuarant. Hope this helps, if you need any more info on Glasgow then just give me a shout.

    There's a Premier Inn just off George Square in the centre of Glasgow. Prices are typically £61 per night which is very reasonable.….do

    Premier Inn @ Charing X is the one we've always used They do half price rooms every now & then too... The rooms aren't anything special but are nice enough We stayed at the Jury's Inn more recently & it was rubbish! I was sooo disappointed cos I've stayed at Jury's in B'ham & Belfast & they were fantastic.

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    Thanks for that

    The apart hotel looks lovely .... and thanks for the tip off about Jurys Inn they're usually quite good but think I will avoid it for this trip


    there's a holiday inn express, (think they call it 'theatreland') which is just 150m from the buchanan st end of sauchiehall st, i.e. almost dead centre of town. not sure of prices, but babbity bowsters in merchant city have rooms and the pub & restaurant there are really nice. if you want ny more info on the city like good pubs & places to eat then just ask, lived here for years!



    Just saw an advert yesterday for a place called ETAP hotel down at the Springfield Quay (near the Science Centre on the river. It's maybe a 15 min walk from the city centre, but rooms are always £32 for any night, the area isn't wonderful, but taxi fares might make things a bit expensive in the long-run as it's not near any Underground stations. Mind you there are plenty of buses along that way.


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    Thankyou :D!

    I've so far managed to book my flights using the £10 off easyjet code yay!

    I do have a friend that stays in Glasgow so may stay with her, but hotels are more fun aren't they

    Have you ever used the apart hotels, I've found a few around £85 per night for 1 person but with a double room etc... would it be bad to book them as one person and then have my friend stay?

    Well I guess yes would be the answer

    i wouldnt recomed walking over the clyde to the quay area at nyt!
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