Glasgow To London Cheap Rail Tickets

The Scotsman are doing a deal just now on cheap train fares to London but you got to have the parts of the code you get in the paper.

I only found out about it today so missed the code in Saturdays and Sundays paper, wondered if you know them/could find them or any other cheap vouchers.



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Password 1 = Go
Password 2 = Nat

see website [url]www.scotsman.com/gonatexpress[/url]

BUT beware - most such offers insist you carry the vouchers with you and if that IS so here (as is likely) then you risk paying full fares IF they ask for vouchers and you do not have them with you.

A similar offer is to be found in "The London Paper" (a London freebie) though you only need two vouchers for that. If you lives in London then just ask them to cut out the vouchers and mail then to you. If you live in Scotland of course you may have family/friends who can get vouchers from the weekend papers you missed. Good luck...
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