I am looking for a place that can make me a one piece glass for my dining table. Decent quality and decent price is really what I am after. Any suggestions ?



    Any local glass merchant should do it for you. Just phone for a quote with the exact measurements.

    Whereabouts are you ?

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    i did phone up some local glass merchants but they are quoting a lot. I'm near heathrow ...

    The cheapest I found was 90+VAT and delivery. The glass I need is the size of a standard table with 6 chairs.


    £90+vat is about ball park for normal glass - presuming it is a suitable spec for the table you have in mind and it includes dressing the edges.

    Sounds like they have quoted you for normal 'window' glass. If it is to sit on top of a normal table fine but if it is to sit inside a frame type table be very careful. Where the glass is the table top itself It really must be tempered glass and idealy about 10mm thick. You run the risk of serious injury to anyone at the table if it is normal glass - just dropping a knife or a cup could be all it takes.
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