Glass display case

    Does anyone know of a shop to get a glass display case. Not after a big deal extravagant thing, want it to be around 5ft tall and 1ft wide/deep.

    This at Ikea is pretty much what I want but price is an issue. Delivery is estimated at another £40.…055
    I also remember that particular unit being something like £21 a year or so ago which is disappointing.

    Price is an issue as I am a very cheap person :P .


    I'm sure bargaincrazy had one in their clearance section yesterday...worth a look

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    Thanks both. Looked at the Argos ones and they are just to expensive and only glass shelves. As for the bargaincrazy deal, its close to what I want but again an expensive delivered price and its walnut. After almost all glass and if wood is needed it has to be pine/beach light wood to match the front room.

    The Ikea one is as close as I can mentally think would look good but paying the estimated delivery cost is just outrageous. Just a shame that there are no big furniture retail stores near me. :x

    Surely grimbsy town fc have plenty of empty ones you can have :thumbsup:

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    Surely grimbsy town fc have plenty of empty ones you can have :thumbsup:

    haha, I would assume that they would only have a wall of certificates for attendance. (not from Grimsby and not a supporter).

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    Any more practical suggestions ?.

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    Final bump for ideas. So far the only option I've seen is the ikea unit. £40 for the unit and either £40 extra for delivery or £30 for petrol for a friend. Seems way to expensive for a single item.

    Cant believe how hard it is to find something that I thought would be popular due to "everyone" collecting something to display.
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