Glass Shelves Needed

    I am currently looking for a set of glass shelves for sticking my Sky box, xbox and dvd player on so the rugrat can no longer push buttons and change the channels.

    There was one I saw and liked from Comet which was a 3 glass shelf with cable tidy at the back but sadly out of stock. Everywhere else seems expensive.

    Could someone help me in seach for a deal for a Tv-Unit please.


    Which one from Comet was it? Do you have a link?

    Original Poster…on2

    Thats the link I have.

    The Plasma shelves look well smart, just thinking it might get a little crowded on two shelves though. I do like the fact all the cables and plugs will hide behind the shelves too. I have noticed a 3 shelf one but it really jumps in price.

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    In case anyone else is looking for some glass shelves I have found another couple of sites.…asp…tml

    Still looking but think its gonna end up just being two shelves since the price gets more rediculous for three

    May be a daft question but why can't you just buy the one from Comet? It's letting me do home delivery and collection from 2 stores.

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    When I first looked at the Comet link I was at work with my images turned off so I didnt get too much hits. Since I have been home I noticed I could order it.
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