Hi glassbox have ripped me off, they have took my money and not finished the job, basically ripped off lots of people and started another company called glassbox prefab and then took lots more money and done the same.

    really gutted.


    I have no idea but I think you should start with the CAB and see what advice they can give you.

    I would say to not pay out any more money under any circumstances until you are completely clear on exactly what is going on.

    I would hazard that your contract is with the glasssbox people and you would have no liability re the beams, but that is just my opinion.
    Most solicitors will give a free half hour initial consultation so you could do a few of those to see where you stand.

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    the supplier can go to the company that has gone under and try and reclaim what hasn't already been used - but they cannot take anything from your property


    Do you have legal insurance with your home insurance? If you do, its exactly this sort of contract thing thats covered.

    How much was the steel work?

    As said above, they cant come onto your property to take the steel and I doubt very much any court would pass the bankrupt company onto its customers.


    I wouldnt believe a word the glassbox guy said. No company would ever go into liquidation and then restart as a new company and buy the outstanding jobs for a price and then complete them

    that would be financial suicide.

    and you would never have to pay for the steels again as you have completed your part of the deal with glassbox who your contract was with.

    I wouldnt expect any trades to appear tuesday either tbh. No workman is gonna do any work for a company that has gone into liquidation

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    thanks thats what i thought to be honest. Great so i have unfinished … thanks thats what i thought to be honest. Great so i have unfinished builing works which i expect I'm not going to get other contractors in to finish off the work even if i could. Will the insurance cover just the steelwork or the balance of trying to get it fixed. Do you think abbey national will reverse the bacs payment or is that a no no. What a mess!

    abbey wont reverse and doubt insurance would pay out.

    never heard of legal home buildings cover being used to pay out for unfinished buildings work.

    just stumbled across this conversation. Can anyone tell me more about what it is referring to. Is it referring to

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    hi luvadealme. yes thats the company.... now i believe its called glassbox prefab, and i had heard from other customers that zig chowdry has folded this company leaving suppliers and customers...
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