Posted 6th Jan 2023
Anyone got any tips, or ways to reduce the pressure that glasses put on your nose where the plastic/silicone pads rest?

My new glasses aren't heavy but at the moment I'm improvising with a small piece of microfibre to make them more comfortable.
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    Go back to your opticians. They shouldn't be causing you discomfort. It sounds like they haven't been adjusted properly.
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    Have you had these sort of glasses before?

    Maybe bend back the pads slightly to ease the pressure but mostly its just about getting used to them if you haven't had them before.

    I am waiting on a new pair without the pads and looking forward to not having the pressure marks on my nose!
    No, I've always had lightweight reading glasses from e-bay, thought I should actually try proper prescription this time - as my right eye is slightly weaker, having slightly different lenses does make a difference, hell of a price difference too!

    I did a google search about it, apparently having weights on the end of the arms makes a difference.
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    if your glasses aren't comfortable or you have issues seeing, go back to the opticians and let them sort it
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    this is my problem, or potential problem if i ever need to wear glasses! i can't wear sunglasses unless they are plastic and are very lightweight so that there is no pressure on the nose ridge as any little pressure on there and i end up with a headache.

    reading and distance glasses are 'heavy' and so will apply pressure on the nose ridge. interested to hear what the solution is for furture reference.
    Get acrylic frames (like sunglasses) with thin & light lenses. You’ll need pay extra for thin lightweight lens though.

    I bought Ray-Ban frames from Amazon & used these guys for the prescription lens.
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    Contact lenses maybe :/
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    Should've gone to specsavers

    Defo go back to ur opticians, they will sort u out
    They probably did hence the issues!
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    As previously said, go back to the opticians they will probably widen the gap between the pads.
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    Properly fitted glasses should not put pressure on the sides of your nose or the bridge, behind or along the ears. The dispensing opticians should adjust or heat and adjust the frame, so they fit comfortable. This should be done free of charge by any opticians.
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