Posted 4th Jul 2022

Are there glasses lenses (plastic) available anywhere on the market that are thinner than 1.67?

I'm as blind as a bat (distance) and my lenses are mega thick! Hence the reason for asking.

Thank you.
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    I have 1.9, they are expensive, quite heavy and been told easier to break . Just bought a new pair from Boots opticians, I get half price as I'm on their contact lenses scheme but cost nearly £300 for a decent frame and lenses.
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    Suggest you ask a qualified Dispensing Optician (as opposed to the sales staff in most opticians). Rodenstock do a very thin lens. Im wearing them now. Cant say I like them because the tint is like a coating of nicotine but they are thin
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    Drop glasses direct an email/tweet.
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    Check lensology they have other options
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    Thinnest for plastic is 1.74 and as far as I remember 1.9 for glass.
    Am now aware of the 1.74 for plastic. How much heavier is the 1.9 for glass? And cost wise...any idea?
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    Some opticians offer what they call "thin and light" lenses. Thinner with greater magnification. No idea if they would suit you or not. You would need to speak to your opticians.
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    I've used these quite often and they have 1.74:
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