Found 15th Jan
Im new to wearing glasses and sunglasses.
Got a deal through Specsavers buy one and get 2nd pair free.
I took them up on their offer.

Main glasses are for everyday driving whilst the sunglasses are yet to be used due to the British weather.

Are prescribed sunglasses meant to be as dark as mine are or are there different shades of darkness available?

Looked online but easily get confused.
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You can different shades as I was offered this when getting glasses.
The mrs went their local shop this week, told some crap about half time so thought she would use them. Then went she went back for the precription the price worked out at over £300. They said only the frames were half price nothing. She went to glass direct with a £30 coupon from me and got what she want and more for £135, I got a £15 amazon voucher :-)
Don't get the dark.. They will offer you different tins and dark is a pain.. Can't see if you walk in shops. Can't see in general as to dark.. Look cool though...
rtmlk1 h, 58 m ago

speckyfoureyes.comglassesdirect.comsame as you have specs and shades under …speckyfoureyes.comglassesdirect.comsame as you have specs and shades under £30

They are kind of a false economy really. Went into Specsavers today and got two pairs for £69, this includes anti glare and anti scratch coating which per pair would cost you about £20-30. I've had glasses from speckyfoureyes for £16 delivered and the glare was terrible, also after a year of cleaning a pair from Specsavers you might have a few light scratches which is normal, but 6 months into the pair from speckyfoureyes and there were literally hundreds of tiny scratches.

£34.50 a pair with a good scratch and glare free coating isn't bad considering you have all the other benefits of being able to try on multiple pairs within seconds etc.
Try Asda they give you two pairs starting from £99 which includes thin glasses (depending on your prescription) anti glare and varifocals.
I would have been charged over £350 for both pairs as they are designer frames but due to offer i was charged £115 including further discounts.

Regarding the sunglasses i was offered only 1 option to have a type of clear coating but they were charging £60 extra just for that. Forgot name.

Thanks alot to everyone for their input.
Will try alternative providers next time.
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