Glaucoma. Anyone else have glaucoma?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2012 with some vision field loss (age 33), at first it was treated with eye drops to control eye pressure, in 2015 the drops were failing to keep pressures down, so was put forward for Trabeculectomy surgery which was quite evasive, a few months ago that surgery started to fail and need the trabecomy's needled which was not nice, 2 needles around eye socket to numb and 3 directly into eye ball, this has also failed so not sure what next, very scarred of losing my vision as I'm only 38. Back to see eye doctor next week to see what next. Also the recent needling has caused my right eye to go very blurry.

    Anyone else have or know of someone with glaucoma at a younger age as most people do not get glaucoma till there in there seventies.


    You were probably gives the most stringent course of treatment before laser together with mydrilate to prevent the lens sticking and maybe pred forte to reduce inflammation?
    Don't worry it's treatable and you will not lose vision

    Hi, I was diagnosed in my late 30's unfortunately I have lupus or sle and have sjorgens syndrome (pronounced shogun) which means dry eyes so limits my treatment, my vision new really deteriorating, so almost ready to have"op" was not told this might need to repeated, I was under the impression I'd have op so I wouldn't go blind!
    Have you been screened for lupus in case you have this?

    sorry to hear this OP. i can't comment on the condition but try not to worry too much, what will be will be. you can only do your best to deal with medical conditions that afflict you.

    have you asked your doctor about their experience with young people developing this condition and what the prognosis is for the future? he would know the answer.

    it's a shame we can't replace faulty body parts like they can in those sci fi movies. it would help so many people have better quality of life.

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