Glazing Clay Pots for Drinking

Found 25th Sep 2017
So i have some clay pot things, they are used in parts of India for drinking tea from (kulhar cups) which ive imported and want to use them for a wedding, for guests to use and keep afterwards. Someone mentioned that unglazed clay cups should be not be re-used after drinking as it absorbs some of the liquid and therefore unsafe to re-use for drinking?

I'm wondering if there is a easy way for me to internally glaze these cups to make them suitable for multiple use? Does anyone know what i should use? is something like arycylic safe?. I've attached a link below to the clay cup in question.

I'm just looking for a cheap and easy solution to make these clay cups - reusable.


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Why not drop the importers an email
no idea but b&m sell 20 or so pint size plastic cups for about a quid

You could have a look for a ceramics workshop in your area. They would have kilns and advice. May be under craft activities, or a local college.
it would be expensive to get them glazed over here. you would need to contact ceramic manufacturers, not something you could do yourself as the glaze will more than likely need some sort of kiln.
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