Glitch number 67947

    Record Users: 9244 at Jul 9, 2010, 9:45AM

    What an impressive record! lol


    lol, and only 384 members ! wonder why ?


    lol, and only 384 members ! wonder why ?

    bcuz No one really cares helping out others,its just few of us, wonder why we do it,

    I was just thinking that the site seems very quite, been on holiday for 2 weeks come back and the site is totally different. A lot quieter as well, usually loads of people posting deals or selling their things

    lol, thats because no-one knows how to work this bloomin site anymore !! loads of people have said they are staying away until all the bugs are fixed ! which could be a while i guess, even some bugs that have been fixed are back again ie- edit not working again !

    Number of members online at the moment could be being reduced due to the logging out issue. I am normally calssed as logged on all day but am logged out every time my browser closes so will not show as online
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