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    Hi My first post so if it is in wrong category please tell me.I am trying to find a 4ft Glitter Lamp,I got one for my brother in law years ago and would like one myself,it is a glass cylinder sits on a chrome base where the bulb fits,it is like an Astro lamp but instead of Lava has tiny metal glitter flakes the one I got was blue in colour


    Are you looking for a cheapy one or an actual Mathmos? branded version?

    Please check in homebargains, seen recently and very cheap as well.

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    thanks for replies nearest homebargains is Bristol 40 miles away,am looking for cheap or expensive,to my knowledge Mathos do not do a 4ft light

    Mathmos did a large glitter variant that pops up on ebay periodically in several guises either as a mathmos model or as the original company name, certainly there are bottles of glitter for the Luna variant.

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    Hi everybody answers received so far Thank you but please read article,homedeals only do desktop,Mathmos only do normal size rocket shape 24" I want FOUR FEET tall,not USB,not Desktop,not Lava Lamp,it is a round glass tube that sits on a 18" chrome/aluminium base it has water and sparkles in it that move and rise with the heat of the bulb,Cash Converters had them in stock about 4/5 years ago but nobody remembers who the supplier is and my brother in laws has no makers mark on it anywhere,very frustrating so hope someone can help Thanks

    I've seen a few at car boot sales, & as an owner of 45+ mathmos lamps I know abit about what they sold past & present, & as you mentioned in your post its like an astro lamp, so I took you at your word.
    So what you are after is a generic model, try scouting Alibaba site in novelty lamops for a few hours, you'll probably get some leads.
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