Found 11th Nov 2006
Just had a cheque arrive from these guys for the value of £49.19.

It's a survery site based in the US. You get sent a shed load of surveys, I usually get roughly 5-10 surveys per week. Most surveys are worth $2.50, but you don't qualify for all of them, but if you don't qualify, you will always be given $0.05 for trying, normally 1 or 2 questions.

My cheque took about 7-8 months to achieve. Had a cheque before now for £60.

Just a heads up for you guys. Everything is based on marketpoints, 1 point being $0.05. Don't sound much, but with the frequency of surveys, soon mounts up. These surveys are not long either, don't think I have spent longer than 10 minutes doing any of them.

Since my cheque that I requested 3 weeks ago, I already have another 180 market points, being equivalent to $9. Think I have actually completed 3 surveys, the rest I didnt qualify for.

Much better than yougov, still waiting to hit £50 after over 2 years with them! Much better than a lot of the rest of them either, as the rest seem to offer labourious, long winded surveys.

Site is if you want to sign up. Well worth it, plus they convert it into pounds for you, no charge from the bank for paying in a dollar cheque.

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anybody else had positive experiences? sounds interesting...

Original Poster

Can take a pic of the cheque if you like ;-)

lol no i believe you but quite often where there's one positive story, there's 5 negative i was just tryin to guage overall picture if you know what i mean
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