Gloss or satinwood paint?

Posted 18th Feb 2017
I'm currently decorating my sitting room. The old paint wood - skirting and window frames were previously painted using gloss paint a few years ago now and are now a horrible dingy yellow/cream colour. I'm considering using a satinwood paint this time (water-based, as apparently doesn't turn yellow like a gloss). However, when I moved into my current home, a decorator used a water-based white gloss to paint over the previously glossed woodwork in the hallway, but after a while, the new paint literally peeled away from the old paint underneath - I could then see that the decorator had not sanded down the previous paint. I only have 9 days to get the sitting room finished (before a new carpet and sofa turn up), so am considering a water-based paint this time, however, I don't want the new paint to peel away like before - will I have to sand away all of the current yellow gloss paint on the skirting before using a water-based gloss?

I've noticed that there are water-based and oil-based satinwood paints available - if oil-based, does that mean that the paint will eventually turn yellow like a normal gloss paint? I've just read some reviews, which are good, on Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint - it says that this paint is self-undercoating, but if I used this over the current gloss paint in the sitting room, would I actually need to use an undercoat as well (wondering if it would just peel off if none was used)? Can somebody recommend a water-based brilliant white satinwood paint that does actually cover well - do I go for Dulux, Crown or a make from Screwfix, etc? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
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