Just found gloos paint on son's black school trousers. Did not notice it before it went in the wash.

    Grateful for any suggestions, whether there is any chnace this can be removed....or only fit for the bin now??



    Could always try hiding it up with some black gloss paint....Sorry couldn't resist.

    Hate to say it but it's a bin job if they are so bad they are unwearable
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    Hubby is a painter and he said once it is dried into the fibres theres not much you can do, however he said if you buy some "paint stripper" and dab a bit on it may work, but it could discolour the pants, but you could try if there only gonna end up in the bin anyway x

    Turps might touch it and shouldn't harm the fabric if ya careful but once dried it's not gonna be easy to remove. I would try turps as a last resort if the other option is the bin. Even if it does work wash the trousers ASAP to clean the turps off cos that stuff stinks.
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