Glossy screen pc monitor need advice

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Found 16th Mar 2009
Ok anybody know what current monitors are glossy screen types most dont tell you if they are matte or gloss finish. Wanting a 20in wide but can go bigger fire away. All replies will be repped for the help thank you.

Like the look of the samsungs about but think all are matte finish ???


And I know HPs are glossy 'cos one is sitting in front of me right now!

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Thanks the 2 you mention are both the same model i have looked at this model before and cannot tell if its got the glossy screen and not just a glossy cabinet have you seen this model in the flesh. The hp you have has it got dvi the ones i have seen don't have dvi.

Sorry, I'm not 100% sure about the Samsung screen, only the frame. But I do know that the HP I have (W1907V) has a shiny screen (but no HDMI) and that the W2207H (for example) has a glossy screen and an HDMI connection.

I can't say whether all HPs have glossy screens though, so can't confirm whether or not the W2228H (current model) has one, I'm sure someone else will be along who does know though.

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Looked at the hp screens today the new ones are all glossy and very nice too. I like the design of the newer samsungs but the screens are matte on all the ones that i can find.

Obviously I only have a 19" HP and it's not HDMI but if it's any help I'm absolutely delighted with it. My previous monitor was a CRT, mind you it was a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro so very highly rated but comparing the HP with it is like night and day. I suspect that they're all built in a similar way.
Sorry about the misleading statement re Samsung glossiness; I had a brainstorm and thought you meant the bezel. One thing though, it's very very difficult to find this information anywhere - you'd think the manufacturer's website would help but, unless I've added blindness to my atrophied brain, it doesn't.

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I'm probably going to get the 20 or 22 in hp the same design as yours just looking for the best price may go to ebay to get one. Your not wrong about getting info about what screen a monitor has even from the manufacturer's website anyway thanks.

This seems a good deal - 2228H for £179.99 and £7.99 delivery cclonline.com/pro…920
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