gloucestershire @ a standstill

    following skusey's post last night ......... our roads are packed with snow

    only the a roads have been gritted and you cannot move here .... all schools shut, all buses cancelled .....

    its absolute choas ..... i live next to a 60mph road and people are crawling @ 5mph

    pics of the mess in next post


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    How stupid - how can you run out of grit?? Load of rubbish!!



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    they didnt expect this much snow :lol:

    the kids are happy but its so stupid as i have had to cancel my driving lesson again as my instructor cannot get out of his town (lives in a hilly town with b roads)

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    started snowing again FFS ,,,,,,,, :x ........ i have had enough of snow now :lol:

    Aberdeen is at a standstill too lorries are bloking all our roads and are dual carriage way is moving at about 2mph.

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    i not ventured near the dual carriageways but i know they not been gritted ...

    im now stuck @ home with nothing to do ........ bored :-(

    That's nothing compared to here. my road all you see is u-turn marks because the snow gets that deep the cars cant move so theyr'e just u-turning.

    So bored ive been stuck in all week

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    thankfully i go back to work tomorrow so i can have something to do :lol:

    Looks like Ermin place to me?

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    yup ......... that obvious :thinking:
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