Glowing Lampy Thing

    I'm after something to glow and change colours to make my room look cosy at night. Don't exactly know what they're called but I want one. Any ideas would be appreciated.


    mood lighting?

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    yeah, that kinda thing

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    seems a little small.., goood reviews though, and at least i know what im looking for now lol

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    this? … this? ]$ja=tsid:11527%7Ccc:%7Cprd:2706144%7Ccat:Party+And+Fun+Gifts

    I'm after something a little more subtle lol

    Have a look at this site

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    Ah - how about this … Ah - how about this then

    Now that I like, Cheers

    What about a ]Philips Liviing Colors Lamp

    Excellent lamps, for good ambient lighting and so many colours! They are quite expensive tho!


    iv got an air freshner unit that puts lights on the wall and changes colours, its gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

    I have the phillips large mood light and it can change colours on a loop or you can choose what colour to have.
    Also has dimmer switch and pastel colours so you can create your own mood.

    The small ones were £69 and large were around £120 but my large one was reduced in B&Q to £65 but had no adaptor so I offered him £35 and he said yes!!!!

    So I took it back to another store and got a brand new one!!! I love it ....................

    Pink and orange make the room glow and keeps me warm or I have it on bright to cheer me up or loop it for a disco...............:whistling:

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