glue removal from concrete

Found 21st Nov 2017
after lifting a wooden floor there is glue stuck in blobs all over the concrete.i have tried scraping it off with a spade but it is taking forever. any tips to save my aching arms?

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Put the floor down?

SDS drill on the hammer setting with a spade tool fitted. I've just had to use it on my bathroom walls, the adhesive used to hold the tile backing board was everywhere and a lot tougher to remove when you accidentely put the drill into reverse and not notice...

Sds drill as above or a grinder to grind the glue

Depending on the glue used, heat may be your answer - I would try pouring boiling water on it. I wouldn't use a heat gun as air pockets in the concrete may 'pop' sending hot shards of concrete everywhere.

Please be careful, If you hurt yourself it's not my fault.....

" How to save your aching arms ".......answer.......get someone else to do it ....

Original Poster

thanks everyone. will try the boiling water , though "get someone else to do it" does sound appealing.
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