Gluten free stroopwafels from Consenza available in Sainsburys

Posted 15th Dec 2019
I found these Dutch Gluten free Stroopwaffles in my local Sainsburys this week. (Northern Ireland).…4R6

Priced just over £3 to non Gluten free folks this may seem absurd for 7/8 biscuits, but as my hubby reminds me - gluten free grocery options are priced as though you were eating in a cafe.

These are worth it. Every morsel of these caramel waffly, heavenly creations are going in my belly. I'm going back to get more, I feel a gollum like urge to horde these. They have been on my Gluten free bucket list since diagnosed at 26. Im now 42, I've waited.

Until diagnosis you are never quite aware how many thing you havent tried, and therefore crave. Then you get the disappointment of the alternative that's overpriced (I get it, making food safe is crazy difficult for manufacturers & food places) usually resembling dust or cardboard. These however are GOOD, so GOOD.
If you have a gf visitor, friend you are making a wee hamper for, or kid in your household make a beeline for these.

Mentioned in this blog - for a second opinion.…th/

Co-op also had a lovely things but Sainsburys wins the GF Christmas vote for me.
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