Posted 17th Jan 2023 (Posted 10 h, 44 m ago)
I remember once someone in here said you can use you gmail account several times with different addresses. Something about placing the dot somewhere. Does anyone know what exactly it is?

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    Exactly what you said, place as many dots as you like throughout the email address. is the same account as Joe.bloggs and J.oe.bloggs. You can also end an email address with a plus then more text, and it goes to the email before the plus.,
    I wanted to use a different email
    Address for a coupon but it looks like they don’t allow it this way. As I didn’t get the confirmation email. When I emailed from my person email to gmail
    With the variations it worked
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    IIRC, when responding, it will always be through the main email address, unless you set up a "send as" alias. link
    This is very important when replying!!!
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    You can also use the alternative domain.
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    Thank you all!
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    A lot of online companies have clamped down on the Gmail trick now
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