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Found 5th May 2015
I've got a few Gmail account (10). And I set up another one last week.
Since last week, I've had two spam emails, from 2 Japanese/Chinese sites. Even though I've not used the address or given it to anyone. W is the F?
Also, I'm unable to step up the 2 step verification to my phone for this new account. Maybe I've go too many accounts (it doesn't say I've reached the limit, just try later)?

1. So I'm wondering about switching to Yahoo Mail. But, I'm not sure how many accounts I can have linked to one phone number.
Does anyone know, I'm looked on their forum, but couldn't find a definitive answer?

2. Is it possible (unlike Gmail) to contact Yahoo Mail support if you any problems, general questions, accounts getting hacked etc?

3. Do you need to have a Gmail account to use Google Play (Android)? I've got credit in my "Wallet" for GP, so it might be best just to leave it alone.

Or if someone can recommend any free email hosting sites, that works with popular email client software, please post 'em.

Thank you.
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With Yahoo Mail you can create additional id's/email addresses under the one main account…tml

Also in reply to "needing help". I've never had to call any hotline/support number. If you need advice/question answered try here

ps I'd stick to a @com email account for your main then use additional id's how you want
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On your phone go into settings and add new account then click the 3 dots top right and click log in via web. It should let you log in then. I had this problem and I have got 2 step activated
Yahoo are really rubbish - they have gone downhill rapidly over the past few years.

I've had a Yahoo e-mail account for about 20 years, and rarely use it now, their spam filters are rubbish, the interface is not pleasant to use - I prefer to use Hotmail these days.
Thank you for the replies

I'd still like to hear from anyone about the number of amounts I can link to one phone number.
I'd prefer multi accounts as opposed to disposable accounts within one account (but it does achieve the same thing at the end of the day).
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